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All of us wish that a calculus class be a great and rewarding experience where students learn new ideas and they succeed in the course. Calculus students who are not quite ready often are not able to to learn as well. As a result many withdraw or fail the class later.

Most likely in the past you took all needed courses which are needed to learn Calculus I. Just that you might have forgotten a few things. This test will help you identify a few things you might need to review before taking a Calculus I class. Most students come back several times each time having reviewed a bit. So if you do not pass all parts the first, second, or the third time around, just keep on coming back next day. You certainly are not alone! You should first take this test alone as practice. Only after you have passed all three parts redo the test in the presence of an SFSU proctor or a proctor from ProctorU.com.

Terms of use
Accessibility. If you have special needs which require an alternative format of the test or an extra time to complete it please contact your instructor for special arrangements.

Academic honesty. You will use this test without any help of another person and without searching the internet for the answers. You will not share your questions on any internet forum, nor you will share you pass code with anyone other than your instructor or Teaching Assistant.

Passing does not guarantee success in Calculus. Passing this test does not guarantee your success or any particular grade in any Calculus course. Passing is a mere indication that your mathematical background is probably sufficient to meaningfully participate in learning calculus. Failing the test is not an evaluation of academic skills or abilities. It is not an evaluation of your past courses or their instructors.

Release of liability. No test is perfect and always accurate. You agree to release mangoroot.com from any liability related to taking this test or any action or inaction you or anyone else may or may not take based on the result of this test.

Privacy. Your name will only be collected if you pass all the three parts and it will be forwarded to the instructor teaching your Calculus class.

Three parts. The test contains three short parts each of which is to be done in a span of up to 20 min. You may take a break between each part. Upon passing all three parts you will be issued a pass code.
Change of terms. These terms may be updated or changed without notice.
You need a pen and scratch paper. Each of the three parts needs to be completed in 20 minutes or so. If start now, you will not be able to retake the test till next day.

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